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Vitaklenz Sea Minerals Stinging Nettle 250ml

Sea Minerals PLUS added Stinging Nettle. Stinging Nettle, rich in iron, has been traditionally used to promote blood circulation and hormonal balance during menopause.

What are Sea Minerals?
As Ocean Minerals and our blood plasma are almost chemically identical, Sea Minerals are the finest source for nutritional minerals and trace elements in nature.

You may be surprised to know that ocean water is a rich and balanced source of all minerals and trace elements in concentrations that are not only beneficial to man, but every living creature and life form on earth.

Just think of this: Our oceans support an unknown and until now, an untold number of life forms. Oceanographers claim that an astounding two million+ species are yet to be discovered. This is only made possible by the range and concentrations of elements within our ocean waters.
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