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Mediterana Jojoba Oil 100ml

Jojoba 100ml

Description of the oil: Yellow

Constituents of the oil: Rich in vitamin E, minerals, waxy substances that mimics collagen.

Type of the Plant: Tender woody evergreen shrub. Grows from 2-8 feet high with hairy young stems and lance-shaped gray green leaves. In spring there are clusters of cup-shaped, greenish male flowers or single bell shaped female flowers which develop ovoid, single seeded capsules.

Part of the plant used: Seeds contain a scentless, clear, waxy oil.

Method of Extraction: Cold press.

Uses on Skin/ Body: The seed oil is the only known plant equivalent to sperm whale oil. Jojoba is a liquid wax. It has a beautifully light texture. It92s chemical composition is similar to that of the skin92s own sebum. Being a wax rather than an oil it does not get rancid. It is good for all skin types and is highly penetrative. Particularly good for combination skins, oily or prone to acne. It has same of the best skin-softening properties. When placed in the fridge it should go solid.

Locations: Grown in well-drained dry soil in full sun. Propagated by seed.

History: You have to have a license to be able to pick the seeds from this plant. It is weighed very carefully as care is taken to leave enough for the years to come.
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