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Hormones are chemical messengers released by specialized cells in a number of locations in the body.

The sex and stress hormones like testosterone and cortisol are fat based. Others like growth hormone which is made of amino acids is water based.

A hormone may be released into the blood, where it eventually affects the target cells, which might be yet another hormone producing gland, or it might target every cell in the body as does growth hormone. This type of gland is called endocrine. An exocrine gland is one where the process might depend on diffusion through cells to the target location.

As in the relationship between the hypopthalmus and the pituitary gland, some glands give chemical instructions, which relate to things like, hot cold, flight and fight and sexuality to yet another gland. The hypophthalmus is located at the back of the brain. It is connected via the portal blood vessels to the anterior pituitary gland. The processes which are in turn effected by the different hormone releases include birth and lactation, growth hormone and all the sex hormones, stress hormone, thyroid hormones and the adrenals.

Weaker forms of our hormones are found in plants, for example phytoestogens in soy. Whereas they can compete for receptors in a young healthy person and appear to have a negative effect, they can also cushion the effects of aging when hormones generally decline. This decline can result in osteoporosis and mood swings. After all the sex hormones are anabolic, which means that they build body tissue.

Testosterone levels are also increased in heavy exercise, as are other hormones along with increased vasodilation, resulting in more circulation near the muscle being exercised.

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