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Herbal tea

Herbal tea or tisane is a tea not made from Camelia sinensis. As you know black and green tea have medicinal properties. Perhaps the term herbal tea originated in a former generation when tea from the tea bush was considerered evil by some?

Let's face it. If fruit, vegetables and herbs are a major part of your diet, you are most likely on the road to good health.

Herbal tea is usually made from dried flowers, leaves, roots, fruit or seeds. It varies from a light fragrant pepperment tea to a strong bitter Chinese concoction boiled in a saucepan. I believe that the medical studies like the one which "proved that Ginkgo is ineffective in treating in dementia" fail because these boffins ignore what is the traditional dose. In this case they used some cheap pills from some quack (40mg) whereas several grams is a commonly administered dose.

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Lemon Balm Tea 1Kg Organic Morlife

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Morlife Chaiq Teabags 25s

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Morlife Ginkgo Excell Teabags 25s

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Morlife Green Tea Conventional 1kg

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Morlife Lemon Grass Tea 1kg

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Morlife Lemongrass Tea 200g

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