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Most of us know that bodybuilding is achieved through weight training, protein supplementation with sufficient calory intake to prevent muscle breakdown or catabolism and plenty of rest and sleep.

Although it is not neccesary, nor in many cases desireable to become a great hunk, people who wish to be healthier or lose weight have much to learn from bodybuilding. Think about the fact that when bodybuilding we are able to increase our calorific intake because of intense training and rest, and still achieve a shape that obese people would envy. Clearly then we all need to exercise more! Also surely weight loss is NOT about starvation either. And what about the rest and sleep? Well most of us know that weight training and bodybuilding actually tears the muscles which need plenty of time to recover.

Did you know that sleeping less than eight hours a day is linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, workplace accidents, mental illness and interferes with the ability to store memory?

The bodybuilding industry has spawned a plethora of body science, and supplementation is based on scientific research.

The bodybuilding supplement hydroxy methylbuterate or HMB promotes protein synthesis. NAC or N Acetyl Carnitine is found in the fat of animals that are grass fed. It is believed to assist in cellular energy production by burning fat. Similarly creatine supplies energy to muscles and nerve cells. Glutamine is used by the body for energy when under stress. This is thought to prevent catabolism. Catabolism is the body's reaction to stress, particularly on an empty stomach or during strenous routines or just plain danger and stress.

The bodybuilding supplements arginine and glutamine increase growth hormone levels which equates to being younger. This may also combat middle age spread as much all the other signs of aging. These amino acids need to be taken on an empty stomach in larger doses to cross the blood brain barrier, and exercise helps as always.

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Body Building Without Steroids

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Shape your abs today and make them visible once for all. Discover also useful stretching routines, exercises and get useful nutrition tips.


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Mental Health News

Mental Health News

crohns cure

crohns cure

12 step dual diagnosis treatment for teens in california

Seacliff Recovery Center would like to introduce a revolutionary approach to residential drug and alcohol treatment. We have combined our programs to provide some of the most successful residential treatment modalities currently available.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Weight loss hypnotherapy helps you to reduce weight. Book your private consultation with a professional hypnotherapist today.


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Underground nutrition

Try our underground bodybuilding supplements that really work.


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schizophrenia treatment

Schizophrenia requires ongoing treatment and support in order for it to be effective in combatting the main symptoms which can arise.

schizophrenia treatment

Schizophrenia requires ongoing treatment and support in order for it to be effective in combatting the main symptoms which can arise.

Muscle Magazine

The art of bodybuilding, fitness, and exercise.

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

The role of hypnotherapy in weight loss has not yet been fully and conclusively studied by scientists. Some research results suggest a positive effect whereas others do not.


For the past 10 years hypnotherapist, Dr Bruce Alexander, has been successfully treating smoking addiction using clinical hypnotherapy in Melbourne.

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Learn how to get built fast, everything you need to know including workouts, nutrition and supplements.