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Alkalisin300gm Morlife

Morlife Alkalising Greens 300g Fine Powder

Alkalise your body with Morlife Alkalising Greens containing certified organic barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella and spirulina. Acid wastes from exercise, diet and normal metabolism can build up and affect the body. Alkalising Greens provides natural green pigments, flaxseed meal and alkalising minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium to maintain an alkaline balance in the body.

Eating alkalising food like fresh fruit and vegetables instead of acid forming foods is the best way to maintain a slightly alkaline body pH. If you have not eaten enough alkalising food or your body is already acidic, it may help to take a functional food supplement containing alkalising super foods to restore an alkaline balance.

Morlife Alkalising Greens is a complete alkalising functional food. It contains a specially designed blend of the green superfoods spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass and chlorella as well as alkalising fruits and green vegetables, herbs, fibres and alkalising minerals.

Barley grass is made from young nutrient rich barley shoots. Barley grass is gluten free and is a good source of chlorophyll which is highly alkalising.

Wheat grass is similar to barley grass.

Spirulina is a single celled blue green alga or cyanobacteria. Spirulina is about 65% protein and a good source of potassium, iron and carotene. Spirulina provides a great alternative to synthetic multivitamin supplements.

Chlorella is a single celled blue green alga like spirulina. Chlorella is high in protein, chlorophyll and carotene. Chlorella contains 60% protein and 7% chlorophyll making it the best source.

Alkalising Greens includes spinach, cucumber, broccoli, globe artichoke, kale, lime, kiwi fruit and asparagus.

Herbs are also included for nutrition and to support digestive function. Alkalising Greens contains nettle, parsley, peppermint, kelp, aloe vera and green tea.

Fibres are also included in Morlife Alkalising Greens. Fibres are important for acid elimination and probiotic growth. Alkalising Greens contains fructooligosaccharides, flax seed and apple pectin.

Morlife Alkalising Greens is fortified with alkalising minerals, potassium bicarbonate and calcium and magnesium from coral calcium.

Also Morlife Alkalising Greens is naturally pine orange flavoured, so if you don't like the taste of anything green this will taste better.
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