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    Alba Hawaiian Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub 118ml
    Alba Hawaiian Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub 118ml

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          100 Percent W Hey Protein Isolate 1kg Boomers
    100 Percent W Hey Protein Isolate 1kg Boomers

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    Morlife Acai Powder Freeze Dried 750gm Organic
    Morlife Acai Powder Freeze Dried 750gm Organic

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  • Natren is a leading manufacturer of probiotics supplements founded in 1982 by Natasha Trenev. Natasha Trenev probiotic products are recognized as one of the world foremost authorities on probiotics. Natren products are 100% clony foaming units containing made from natural ingredients with no use of artificial chemicals, colours and preservatives. Natren probiotics products infused with this healthy tradition and knowledge of beneficial bacteria and safe for human consumption.

    What is probiotics products?
    Probiotics are friendly bacteria or living microorganisms which provide health benefits, needed in our body to improve our health. Sometimes we have digestive disorders which occur when the balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines are disturbed. Indigestive can also occur when there is infection after taking antibiotics and when the intestine lining is damaged. In human digestive system, contains over 500 different types of bacteria because our body them for many health benefit.

    Natren company seeks a chance to make awareness to the public about friendly beneficial bacteria to change the misunderstanding of the public that all bacteria are bad. Probiotics the friendly bacteria roles in our body include provision of vitamins, relieving irritable bowel syndrome problems, improving the digestive system, detoxifying or cleansing chemicals, repairing intestine lining, immune booster and preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria. Therefore Natren probiotics supplements very useful to the world with many advantages because they contain friendly beneficial bacteria in the products.

    Irritable bowel sydrome (IBS) most common digestion disorders which may cause uncomfortability in your life. Colon cleansing is very important because help to remove toxins and harmful organisms that have accumulate the large intestines that cause many diseases like allergies, infertility, gastrointestinal problems. Natren products are very useful will help to detoxify the colon and the bowel and also you can eat natural probiotic products example yorghut, miso, sauerkraut, kefir, natto, tempeh and kimchi because they contain friendly living bacteria.

    Natren Bifidofactor

    Natren Bifidofactor

    70g , 125g ...18.00% Off!
    Natren Bulgaricum

    Natren Bulgaricum

    Retail Price: $48.95
    Our Price: $39.65
    Natren Natradophilus 125gm

    Natren Natradophilus 125gm

    70g , 125g ...19.00% Off!
    Natren Lifestart 70gm

    Natren Lifestart 70gm

    Retail Price: $36.65
    Our Price: $29.69
    Natren Yogurt Starter 50gm

    Natren Yogurt Starter 50gm

    Retail Price: $24.80
    Our Price: $20.09
    Natren Trenev Trio

    Natren Trenev Trio

    15 Capsules , 30 Capsules ...18.01% Off!

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