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        Seventh Generation Natural Automatic Dish Washing Powder 1.28kg 1.28 Kg

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Automatic Dishlaveing Powder 1.28kg
Seventh Generation Free and Clear™ Automatic Dishlaveing Powder has absolutely no chlorine and no fragrances which can pollute the air in your home. Our recent formula was improved to cut down spotting and filming in hard water, and granulated to assure that it stays free flowing, making it much easier to use. Independent tests appear our auto dish powder cleans combined with the traditional leading brands but without phosphates or chlorine. No dyes or fragrances. Rinse aid commended in areas with really hard water. Our Free and Clear automatic dishlaveer detergent gets dishes sparkling clean yet is gentle and mild on the earth. Unlike conventional automatic dishlaveer detergents, ours won't create fumes that may be irritative to breathe particularly for folk with allergies or asthma.
Automatic Dishlaveing Powder 45 oz.
Wondering Why We Are Not Calling This Product "Natural" Anymore?
When we introduced our phospahte free and chlorine free Automatic Dishlaveing Powder we knew there were two constituents that were not completely naturally extracted One was a petroleum based surfactant and the other a petroleum based, non toxic polymer. We felt then, and now, that the environmental advantages of a phosphate free and chlorine free autodish merchandise outweighed the disadvantage of including a petroleum extracted ingredient.

In 2004 we changed the surfactant and the polymer to what we believed were Natural vegetable extracted alternatives. After packaging was printed, we learned that the non toxic polymer, in fact, was not replaced by a Natural ingredient. We also learned that the non toxic polymer is not readily biodegradable. Therefore, we had to remove these claims from our package. We also changed the "No petroleum extracted constituents" claim to "No petroleum extracted cleaners" to acknowledge that the recent surfactant is vegetable extracted although the non toxic polymer is not.

We have been active hard on replacing the non toxic polymer and restoring our Natural and Biodegradable claims. We need to assure that the excellent merchandise tune up is maintained and have gone through several preparations trying to preserve tune up while utilising more natural, healthful and biodegradable constituents. Once we are able to do this, we will again add these claims back on our packaging. We apologize for the confusion.

Unique features and Advantages
Non toxic Biodegradable
Hypo allergenic
No dyes
No fragrances
No chlorine
No petroleumbased cleaners
No phosphates
Safe for septic and greywater systems
Not tested on animals
Kosher certified

You Are Making a Difference™
This phosphate and chlorine free merchandise assists cut down the risk of harm to our lakes and ponds and keep chlorine's dangers out of the environment.

We Disclose All Ingredients
Water softeners sodium carbonate, Multiple snatural oil/stain removers sodium percarbonate, Processing and flow aids sodium chloride a natural, healthful salt, citric acid, Cleaning and water spot prevention agents alkoxylated linear alcohol, China and dishlaveer defense agent sodium silicate, sodium sulfate, non toxic polymers, non animal extracted enzymes.

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Seventh Generation Natural Automatic Dish Washing Powder 1.28kg 1.28 Kg
Retail Price: $9.05
Our Price: $7.37